Damon Dash Net Worth

By Edwin

Some individuals are renowned for adorning a multitude of talents. One such exemplary figure is Damon Dash. He is not only a thespian but also a musical producer. Moreover, his entrepreneurial prowess shines through as he played a pivotal role in establishing a record label in collaboration with a prominent rapper and entrepreneur.

From a tender age, Damon has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to hard work. He pursued his education in a private institution. Unfortunately, fate dealt him a harsh blow when he lost his mother to a severe respiratory ailment during his formative years. As an entrepreneur, Damon, in conjunction with his esteemed partners, ventured into the realm of apparel businesses, which reaped substantial profits.

With his business flourishing, he sought to expand its reach by establishing more branches. Additionally, Damon delved into marketing, endorsing products and services, and managing talent. His film production company yielded an array of cult classics, including “The Woodsman,” starring the illustrious actor Kevin Bacon from “Hollow Man” fame.

While you may not be intimately acquainted with Damon Dash, today, this article aims to unveil essential facts about him, including his net worth in the present year. However, before delving into financial details, let us delve into his life, profession, personal life, and other intriguing facets. So, if you are ready to embark on a journey of exploration, let us proceed.

Early Life

Damon was born in New York City, United States, on May 3rd, 1971. At a tender age of fifteen, he endured the heartache of losing his mother to a grave respiratory condition. Her passing presented a formidable challenge to the young Damon, compelling him to take on odd jobs such as working in a barbershop, selling newspapers, and even sweeping floors. These endeavors aimed to fulfill his daily needs and acquire some clothing for himself.

Personal Life

During the millennium decade, Damon forged a close bond with the late American singer, Aaliyah. Tragically, her untimely demise in a fatal plane crash left him devastated. Aaliyah’s premature passing thwarted their impending wedding, as she was on the cusp of a flourishing career. Nevertheless, life must press forward.

After Aaliyah’s passing, Rachael Roy entered Damon’s life and became his life partner. They crossed paths during her internship at an American clothing retail company. The couple is blessed with two daughters. However, their relationship eventually encountered turbulence, leading to a divorce. Rachael accused him of domestic violence. In addition to being a father to two daughters from Rachael, Damon also has a son from a previous relationship, who appeared in a reality television show. Presently, he is involved with a film producer.


Damon is famously known as the co-founder of an American record label company alongside Jay-Z, a renowned figure in the world of rap music. Damon was an integral partner and also served as a manager in the venture. He even organized a million-dollar tour for the American rapper. As their record label company soared to greater heights, Damon’s net worth also surpassed $40 million. However, life, as it is said, is transient, and even the most prosperous phases have their conclusion. Such was the case between Damon and Jay-Z.

Their relationship soured when the company they co-owned was acquired by a rival record label company. Jay-Z parted ways with Damon, becoming the president of the competitor record label company based in Manhattan. The rift deepened when Damon was sidelined from the American apparel business in which both were involved, severing the bond between the two.

Other Ventures

The falling out with Jay-Z did not deter Damon from forging ahead. With his expertise in record production, he delved into other realms and found success. One notable example is the apparel business, Rocawear. The triumph of Rocawear paved the way for Damon to explore diverse fields, including merchandising, marketing, talent management, and film production. Under his film production company, numerous exceptional films were brought to life, including “The Woodsman,” featuring the celebrated actor Mekhi Phifer.

Damon himself made appearances in films, although his primary focus remained on production. He ventured into new territories, establishing a magazine, a web design company, an art gallery, and another record company.


Though Damon has not received formal awards in his professional career, such accolades hold little importance for someone who excels in multiple domains. He is dedicated to achieving greatness without relying on others for support. While his split from the esteemed American rapper, Jay-Z, left a bitter taste, Damon remains undeterred. Let us now anticipate the remarkable achievements Damon will undoubtedly attain in the future.

Monetary Struggles

Damon faced severe financial challenges due to divorce proceedings and other legal issues. Two years ago, he was even incarcerated for failing to pay $400,000 in child support. He was also held accountable for domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend, with whom he had a child. Damon owed her $500,000.

Net Worth of Damon Dash

As of 2021, entrepreneur Damon Dash is estimated to possess a net worth of $10,000. His diverse businesses, including apparel, film production, and others, serve as sources of income. However, due to divorce and tax-related issues, his financial situation experienced a downturn.