Diane Soldani,Biography,Age,Parents,Siblings,Net Worth

By Edwin

Diane Soldani is a notable figure as the former spouse of the celebrated television personality Doug McClure, who graced the screens from the 1950s to the 1990s. McClure’s memorable portrayal of cowboy Trampas in the Virginian series cemented his position in the entertainment industry. While little is available concerning Soldani’s natural demeanor, her personal life with McClure is worth exploring.

Soldani and McClure tied the knot in 1970 and were together for nine years before separating in 1979. The divorce proceedings between the lovely couple were amicable, and no substantial grounds were provided for their separation. Their beautiful daughter, Valerie McClure, is the sole offspring of their union. Unfortunately, not much information is publicly available regarding Valerie’s life. Soldani and Valerie have deliberately retreated from the limelight, shunning media scrutiny.

McClure, born in California, was the son of Clara Elsie, who immigrated to the United States with her mother in 1915. Clara wedded an American, Donald Reed McClure, in 1929, and the couple bore Reed McClure Jr and Doug. After Clara’s spouse passed away, she married the mayor, Frank Clapp, in 1971. McClure’s acting career took off in 1959, and his impressive filmography includes notable titles such as Gidget, Enemy Below, and Unforgiven. His most famous role, however, was Trampas in the Virginian series. He also featured in several other popular shows, including Death Valley Days, Checkmate, and Barbary Coast.

Valerie, McClure and Soldani’s daughter, has been a private individual, and little is known about her life. However, she shares a close bond with her mother, with the two often spotted together in public. While filming The Land That Time Forgot, Valerie visited her parents on set at Heathrow, but she refrained from appearing in the paparazzi’s snapshots due to security concerns. She has maintained a more distant relationship with McClure.

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