Iron Resurrection Cast

By Edwin

Each episode of the captivating series showcases a myriad of endeavors in the vehicle custom industry. It artfully depicts the team’s meticulous fabrication of custom car parts, adept car dealings, and resourceful scavenging for hidden mechanical treasures in the vast expanse of Texas countryside.

Amanda Martin, renowned for her resplendent charm and profound acumen, orchestrates the shop’s financial success with her unrivaled knowledge of car lots and obscure backwood sheds scattered throughout the state. Jayson, often acclaimed as the “fastest mouth in the south,” astutely employs his marketing prowess and persuasive eloquence to secure the most advantageous deals.

Ultimately, the spotlight shifts to Joe and the remarkable Martin Bros Customs team, who, armed with their expert mechanical finesse, craft masterpieces from seemingly insignificant relics, transforming rough and unpolished materials into gleaming hot rod realities.

The series unfolds against the picturesque backdrop of the United States, specifically the captivating locales of Red Oak, Midlothian, and Dripping Springs, Texas. Initiated on April 13, 2016, the show persevered through four exhilarating seasons, encompassing 36 episodes, each running for a captivating 45 minutes.

Produced by Discovery Communications and Velocity Channel, the series has garnered an enthusiastic following among motor and automotive enthusiasts, allured by Joe and his team’s unyielding determination to conquer rust and restore vehicles to their former glory. The unique appeal lies in the enthralling evolution of challenging projects into resounding successes, evoking profound emotional sentiments among car owners witnessing their beloved vehicles rejuvenated.

As the saga continues into Iron Resurrection Season 3, the narrative perpetuates the invigorating journey of breathing new life into old, damaged, and weathered cars, adorning them with captivating style and transforming them into fully functional automotive marvels. Joe Martin, an unwavering advocate of the notion that no vehicle is ever truly beyond redemption, leads his team in their relentless mission of rescuing automobiles from the brink of oblivion and infusing them with a touch of Martin Bros Customs’ signature design and brand.

Season 3, commencing on September 4, 2018, on Velocity, unfurls over 10 enthralling episodes, each charting a distinctive narrative. These episodes encompass riveting projects such as the transformation of a 1970 C10 truckload of spare parts into the awe-inspiring Thundering C10, the poignant revival of a 55 Chevy Bel Air, and the exquisite makeover of a legendary 1963 Cadillac, among other remarkable undertakings.

Immersed in a captivating ensemble of talent, the series features an array of captivating characters, including Joe Martin, Amanda Martin, Javier Ponce, Jayson Arrington, and Jason Martin, who skillfully portray themselves, bringing authenticity to the engrossing story. The series remains a spellbinding ode to the indomitable spirit of automotive craftsmanship and a celebration of triumphs over challenges.

Led by executive producers Rob Kerr and Peter Neal, along with associate producer Sam Wackerle and series film editor Sam Morris, the talented crew plays an indispensable role in capturing and refining the essence of Iron Resurrection Season 3, crafting an engrossing narrative that resonates with automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

Marked by its premier on Velocity, Iron Resurrection Season 3 garnered widespread acclaim, culminating in the final episode on October 30, 2018. Fans of the series were captivated by the immersive and compelling movie trailer, which was unveiled in August, heralding the forthcoming excitement and adventure that awaited them in this exhilarating season.