Lina Bardovi,Mary Alice Langenkamp,David Leroy Anderson

By Edwin

David LeRoy Anderson, an esteemed American maestro of the makeup arts, stands adorned with two prestigious Academy Awards for Best Makeup. The first accolade, earned for his marvelous work on the cinematic marvel “The Nutty Professor,” was bestowed upon him at the grand 69th Academy Awards. Following this triumph, a second triumph ensued, as he garnered yet another Oscar for his mesmerizing artistry in “Men in Black,” gracing the 70th Academy Awards with his presence. The luminance of his talent reached new heights when he secured his third Oscar nomination for the cinematic masterpiece “Cinderella Man” at the distinguished 2005 Academy Awards, an honor he magnanimously shared with his venerable father, Lance Anderson.

In the realm of personal life, David LeRoy Anderson shares an illustrious bond with Heather Langenkamp, a renowned American actress of unrivaled talent and versatility, lauded for her indelible role in the iconic “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” Together, they helm the prestigious AFX Firm, a visual effects studio of immense repute. Their familial domain embraces the presence of two cherished progeny, Daniel and Isabelle. A sorrowful shroud enveloped them when their son, the gallant Daniel Anderson, departed from this ephemeral realm on the 10th of January, 2018, a victim of the relentless ravages of brain cancer, his tender age being a mere 26.

As we unfurl the tapestry of Heather Langenkamp’s artistic pursuits, we find her to be a multifaceted virtuoso, a luminary gracing the realms of acting, writing, directing, producing, and the artistry of prosthetic makeup coordination. The annals of pop culture sing her praise for her iconic scream queen roles and her frequent engagements in the horror genre. The ember of her acting journey ignited when she adorned the screen as an extra in Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpieces, “The Outsiders” and “Rumble Fish,” both released unto the world in the year 1983.

Her illustrious name is intertwined with cinematic lore, most notably for her enthralling portrayals in “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984), “Dream Warriors” (1987), and the enigmatic “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare” (1994), each a jewel in the crown of the revered “A Nightmare on Elm Street” saga.

Within the serendipitous embrace of fate, Heather found her soul’s companion in the form of David LeRoy Anderson, the virtuoso of Oscar-winning makeup artistry, during the festive revelry of a wrap party for Wes Craven’s enthralling masterpiece, “The Serpent and the Rainbow” (1988). United by their passion for the craft, they jointly preside over the artistic symphony of AFX Studio, a bastion of makeup FX artistry.

Tracing the lineage of their cherished offspring, Atticus Anderson, born on the 24th of May, 1991, graced the world with his presence on the Californian soil. Alas, his earthly odyssey concluded on the 10th of January, leaving his adoring parents bereft of his radiant aura. Revered and remembered for his boundless creativity and zeal for the sublime and aesthetically captivating, Atticus was a true maven, trailblazing the realms of calculus, embarking on musical escapades at Berklee School of Music, embellishing his Volvo with an elegant matte black hue, immersing himself in the study of Product Design at Stanford University, and marching in the band, with prowess and finesse defining every endeavor.

His valiant struggle against the scourge of brain cancer commenced at the tender age of 20, whereupon he embraced life with ardor and ebullience, adorning each day with laughter, camaraderie, and an infectious smile. A passionate journey ensued, as he and his soulmate, Lina Bardovi, undertook a transformative odyssey, resurrecting a van to traverse the enchanting byways of America’s majestic landscape. Boundless vistas and unfettered freedom fueled Atticus’ spirit, as he ventured through eight nations, traversed twenty states, and partook in the enigmatic allure of Burning Man on three captivating occasions. In the final embrace of time, he found solace amidst cherished companions, as they reveled in camping sojourns, dart competitions, enthralling Dodger games, delectable feasts, robust coffee, and the melodious strains of music, weaving an enduring tapestry of treasured memories.

Converging at the solemn shores of lamentation, a devoted coterie assembled to bid farewell to the valiant Atticus. Among those present were his steadfast sister, Isabelle, his loving parents, Heather and David Anderson, his venerable grandparents, Lance and Jean Anderson, Robert Dobie Langenkamp, and Mary Alice Langenkamp, as well as his adored canine companion, Boo Radley. A poignant ceremony unfolded at the Malibu West Beach Club on the 10th of February, 2018, at the hour of 4 p.m., as hearts united in somber remembrance and celebration of a life that graced the world with brilliance and fortitude.