Marinating syringes application made easy

By Edwin

What has long been a real hit among barbecue accessories in the USA is now also making the hearts of grill fans from Germany beat faster: using a marinade injector. It effortlessly infuses more flavor into grilled delicacies. Thanks to it, the marinade can be injected into large pieces of meat, ensuring that even with a long grilling time, the meat remains moist. Flavor and tenderness are practically guaranteed when using a marinade injector.

We delve deeply into this topic so that you can truly benefit from it. It’s easy to inject spices into the interior with it. By the way, it’s also perfect for baking. This practical accessory is typically made of stainless steel or plastic. You can find it in different price ranges. Various diameters for the needles are also available in online stores.

When to Use the Marinade Injector?

We primarily use the marinade injector for grilling, of course. It’s a real asset to any meat, even for fish, seafood, and vegetables. Large pieces of various types of meat can be marinated well on the outside, but the marinade doesn’t penetrate deeper layers of meat. This way, you can get more flavor into the meat interior. Pulled pork, whole poultry, legs, and many other cuts benefit from more flavor on the inside.

Of course, it’s also useful for preparing meat in the oven. But not only is using the marinade injector worthwhile for grilling and roasting meat or fish. Using the marinade injector for baking is helpful when you want to introduce a sweet filling into cakes, donuts, cupcakes, and much more. But this practical barbecue accessory is also a real hit for decorating sweets.

Which Marinades Can Be Used with the Marinade Injector?

Basically, they must be liquid marinades. You probably apply the barbecue marinade with a brush or soak the meat in it, which is correct. However, when the marinade goes into the injector, different rules apply. Externally applied, the ingredients can be coarse and large. However, this doesn’t work in the marinade injector because the coarse ingredients would immediately clog the needle. Of course, you can strain the marinade with the coarse ingredients through a sieve before filling the injector. This way, the coarse particles remain in the sieve. But you can also prepare a liquid barbecue marinade with powdered spices. We like to use beer as a base for the marinade. The key is not to use coarse ingredients in the marinade injector. In our barbecue meat guide, you’ll find many recipes for barbecue marinades. They contain coarse ingredients, but you can strain them through a sieve as recommended earlier.


If you’re thinking of using a medical syringe for the marinade injector, that would definitely be a mistake. These syringes destroy the meat fibers.

Step-by-Step Application of Marinade Injector

To ensure that nothing goes wrong when using the marinade injector, we’ve put together a guide here. This should guarantee the flavor in the meat interior:

  1. First, put on an apron to protect against marinade splatters.
  2. Prepare the liquid marinade without coarse ingredients.
  3. Check the cleanliness of the marinade injector before use.
  4. Fill the marinade into the injector. A narrow and slightly taller vessel is recommended for the marinade. It allows the marinade to be drawn into the injector easily.
  5. Inject the meat. Pierce to a depth of about 2-3 cm. For larger pieces, it can be deeper. How often you puncture at intervals is up to you.
  6. If marinade seeps out of the puncture site when withdrawing the needle, that area in the meat is fully saturated with marinade.

Our 3 Important Tips for Using Marinade Injectors

Three points seem important to us when using the marinade injector. This information makes it easier for you if you haven’t had any experience with it before.

At what intervals should the marinade be injected?

You will get very different answers to this question. If you value a strong marinade flavor, simply inject it at regular intervals. The more punctures you make, the more the spices can affect the flavor of the meat interior. The amount of injected barbecue marinade and the frequency of punctures are crucial. Experiment to see what tastes better to you. We tend to be more reserved here. We prefer to maintain the natural flavor of the meat as much as possible. As soon as the marinade overpowers everything in taste, it no longer meets our preferences. So, it’s better to be a bit more restrained on the first try!

How to properly clean after using the marinade injector?

After using the marinade injector, don’t just set it aside carelessly. Even models suitable for dishwashers! The needles are very fine, and marinade or baking residues can quickly dry here. Even if cleaned in the dishwasher, there’s no guarantee that all residues could be removed. If the injector is placed somewhat inconveniently in the dishwasher, it may not be thoroughly rinsed. We recommend rinsing it thoroughly with hot water immediately after using the marinade injector. Use hot water for this purpose. Take your time with the needles. If you forget to clean it immediately after use and everything has dried out? In that case, simply soak the injector in hot, soapy water for an hour. Then rinse thoroughly with hot water for a long time.

How long should the injected marinade sit in the meat?

After you’ve been able to use the marinade injector, the question arises of how long the marinade should actually sit in the meat. It should be at least 3 to 4 hours well covered in the refrigerator. However, many grillers also like to let the meat absorb the injected flavor overnight. Test for yourself how strong and intense the flavor of the spices can be.

Where to Buy the Marinade Injector?

Before you can use your marinade injector, you must first purchase it. Do you value a wide selection and affordable prices? In this case, we recommend buying the marinade injector online. The enormous selection and sometimes very affordable prices speak for buying online. Of course, you will also find models in a specialty store, but not in the same enormous selection as online. We always order our models online. This saves us time, the hassle of finding parking, and we are not bound by opening hours. For our marinade injector tests and comparisons, we have tried many models. We are happy to share our experiences with you.

Alternative to Using the Marinade Injector

Honestly,there’s no real alternative to using the marinade injector. However, one possibility to get spices into deeper meat layers is to use a steak knife. However, the knife must have a smooth edge. With it, you can make small cuts in the meat and fill it with ingredients or a self-prepared paste. One of the ingredients we recommend for this is one of the best salts for steak, as they work excellently after being crushed in a mortar. You can seal the filled pockets with a wooden or metal toothpick. The advantage of this alternative is that you can also use coarse ingredients. However, this is not a real alternative to the marinade injector for us. We will continue to use the marinade injector regularly.

Our “Spritzig” Conclusion

Without a marinade injector, we wouldn’t get along well with grilling because it’s really useful and practical. It’s important for us with very large pieces of meat, such as a roast. The amount of injected marinade is not excessively large for us. After grilling, we still like to add a pinch of the best pepper to the steak. What we always pay attention to is cleaning immediately after using the marinade injector. By the way, it’s also used for baking. Our marinade injector tests and comparisons have been conducted objectively and fairly. With us, you always get honest information about grilling. Have fun with it!