Megalo Box Season Two,Megalo Box Season 2 Release Date

By Edwin

Mangas boast a rich historical legacy in Japan, and of late, their allure has transcended international borders. These captivating literary works are not merely confined to Japanese readership; they have captivated the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. The advent of anime adaptations has significantly catalyzed the burgeoning Manga culture, captivating enthusiasts across various age cohorts.

The artistry of these narratives magnetically draws the younger generation, while their engrossing plotlines hold profound appeal for their elder counterparts. A notable exemplar of this phenomenon is “Megalobox,” an anime series birthed to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of the illustrious Manga “Ashita no Joe.” Both the Manga and the anime were brought to fruition by the adept hands of the studios TMS Entertainment and 3xCube, the architects of its compelling genesis in 1980.

Further insight into the series unfolds thus: “Megalobox” derives its essence from the oeuvre “Ashita no Joe,” penned by the esteemed Asao Takamori. Nestled within the realm of pugilism, the Manga was published by Kodansha and graced the pages of both Shōnen Magazine and Edge. The enthralling narrative spanned two volumes, enchanting readers from February 17, 2018, to August 17, 2018.

The riveting television series adaptation was masterfully directed by Yō Moriyama, with the screenplay crafted by Katsuhiko Manabe and Kensaku Kojima. The evocative background score, orchestrated by Mabanua, lent an enchanting aura to the series, with TMS Entertainment and 3xCube spearheading its production.

As an emblem of its global acclaim, “Megalobox” secured licensing agreements with esteemed entities such as Madman Entertainment, Anime Limited, Viz Media, and Medialink. Originally aired on JNN, the anime reached audiences in the USA through Adult Swim (Toonami). The captivating saga made its premiere on April 6, 2018, culminating with its final episode on June 29, 2018, featuring a total of 13 episodes.

In due course, the saga witnessed a triumphant return with its second season, impeccably helmed by Yō Moriyama, while Katsuhiko Manabe and Kensaku Kojima once again penned its absorbing narrative. Mabanua’s evocative musical compositions graced this season, produced under the watchful eye of TMS Entertainment. Notably, Funimation and Medialink undertook its licensing responsibilities, while Tokyo MX and BS11 served as the broadcasting platforms for the captivating sequel, with its premiere taking place on April 4, 2021, enthralling audiences through 13 riveting episodes.

The captivating storyline unfolds in a future Japan, where societal demarcations separate citizens into licensed and unlicensed factions. The privileged licensed populace enjoys opulence and mirth in the heart of the city, while the unlicensed eke out their existence on the fringes in squalid slums. Megaloboxing, a popular sport of future Japan, akin to conventional boxing, distinguishes itself by equipping pugilists with metallic frames, escalating the ferocity of their strikes.

The narrative revolves around the protagonist, Junk Dog, a spirited young fighter who engages in clandestine, scripted matches within the subterranean confines of illegal fight clubs, orchestrated by his coach, Gansaku Nanbu. One fateful day, Junk Dog nearly collides with Yukiko Shirato, the formidable head of the affluent Shirato Group, which hosts the prestigious megalomania tournament.

This fortuitous encounter prompts a confrontation between Junk Dog and Yukiko’s bodyguard, Yuri, but it is swiftly averted by Yukiko herself. Nonetheless, Yuri challenges Junk Dog to a rematch at Megalonia, the pinnacle of the sport. For Junk Dog to participate in this momentous event, he must achieve a top-ranking in the Megalobox rankings and secure a citizenship ID, a challenge deftly resolved by Gansaku. Thus, they are granted a three-month window to ascend to the zenith of Megalobox and seize their rightful place in Megalomania.

An illustrious ensemble of voice talents breathes life into the characters of this gripping saga. The indomitable Joe, also known as Junk Dog, is voiced by the mellifluous Yoshimasa Hosoya in Japanese and the resonant Kaiji Tang in English. Shirō Saitō, in Japanese, and Jason Marnocha, in English, masterfully lend their voices to the enigmatic character of Gansaku Nanbu. The steadfast Yuri is portrayed with conviction by Hiroki Yasumoto in Japanese and Lex Lang in English.

Equally impressive are the portrayals of Sachio by Michiyo Murase in Japanese and Erica Mendez in English, Yukiko Shirato by Nanako Mori in Japanese and Erika Harlacher in English, and Fujimaki by Hiroyuki Kinoshita in Japanese and Jamieson Price in English.

Moreover, the vibrant cast includes the commanding voice talents of Makoto Tamura in Japanese and Greg Chun in English, who embody the character of Tatsumi Leonard Aragaki, as well as Yōhei Tadano in Japanese and Jake Eberle in English, bringing the character of Miyagi to life. Additionally, Tatsuhisa Suzuki in Japanese and Robbie Daymond in English captivate audiences as they lend their voices to the character of Mikio Shirato. Atsushi Miyauchi and Chikahiro Kobayashi, in Japanese, voice the characters of Mac Rosario and Sakuma, respectively.

The first season of the series unfolds across thirteen captivating episodes: “Buy or Die,” “The Man Only Dies Once,” “Gear Is Dead,” “Let’s Dance with Death,” “The Man from Death,” “Until the Last Dog Dies,” “The Road to Death,” “Deadline of the Dream,” “A Dead Flower Shall Never Bloom,” “The Die Is Cast,” “A Deadmarch,” “Leap over the Edge of Death,” and “Born to Die.”

The sequel, too, thrills audiences through its thirteen episodes, featuring intriguing titles such as “Los fantasmas Tartarean un réquiem,” “La desesperación da coraje a los cobardes,” “Si deseas la dañina pudrición de las raíces, no bloquees la boca del ánfora,” “Si la flor del alma florece, el amor no se perderá,” “La tierra prometida respondió que el mesías no se quedará,” and “Aunque estés consciente de tu impotencia, Dios te ofrecerá su imagen para que la pises,” among others.

The resounding announcement of the second season’s release on April 4, 2021, has galvanized fans worldwide, heralding a jubilant celebration of this beloved series.