Move To Heaven Season 2 Release Date

By Edwin

“Move to Heaven” is a profound 10-episode South Korean TV series that graced Netflix screens on May 14, 2021. It was masterfully directed by Kim Sung Ho, with Yoon Ji-Ryeon weaving the scripts. The stellar cast includes Lee Je-hoon, acclaimed for his role in “Taxi Driver,” Ji Jin-Hee, known for his captivating performances in “Dong Yi” and “Blood,” among other esteemed actors. Additionally, Sooyoung, a prominent member of the illustrious K-Pop girl group Girl’s Generation, showcased her talent in this remarkable drama.

Notably, the series garnered widespread acclaim, achieving an impressive production score of 9.3 on Mydramalist and 8.4 on IMDb, while an overwhelming 96% of Netflix viewers expressed their fondness for the show.

The narrative revolves around Geu-ru, a man with Asperger syndrome, and his protector, delving into their intertwined lives. The story unfolds with Geu-ru contemplating life before a colossal fishbowl, engaging in heartfelt conversations with the fish, and candidly sharing his thoughts about his condition and the peculiarities of each fish.

Geu-ru resides with his father Jeong-u, and together, they operate their family-owned trauma cleaning enterprise, “Move to Heaven.” Their solemn duty involves cleansing locations where individuals have met their demise, akin to cleaning crime scenes, and honoring the departed through heartfelt speeches.

The plot takes an intriguing turn following Jeong-u’s demise, leading Geu-ru to encounter his ex-convict uncle, Sang-gu. Following the funeral, they join forces, launching a business that reveals untold stories of the deceased. Sang-gu, laden with a painful past with Jeong-u and the circumstances that landed him in jail, grapples with unresolved emotions.

Amidst the unfolding drama, Geu-ru’s confidante, the discreet Yoon Na-mu, covertly becomes his partner in running the family business, “Move to Heaven.”

While it is customary for many Korean dramas to conclude with a single season, the final episode of the first season introduces elements that foreshadow potential conflicts in the future. Joo Young’s escape from law enforcement agencies hints at a desire for revenge, given the empire’s downfall. Additionally, the revelation of Na-mu’s feelings for Geu-ru adds an air of suspense to the narrative.

Although Netflix has yet to announce plans for a second season, the writer of the series, Yoon Ji Ryeon, has acknowledged the possibility of its continuation. The anticipation for a renewed season is high, with the promise of an even more engaging storyline.

If a renewal announcement emerges, the eagerly awaited second season could grace our screens in mid-2022. To stay informed, remain tuned for any updates regarding the fate of “Move to Heaven” season two.